Leaf Magazine

We are excited to announce the Leaf Magazine, a print journal dedicated to the best writing from our communities. Several of the Curator’s editors are working to have it published by this summer. The journal will include some of the poems that we have already published on the Curator, but it will also include previously unpublished poetry, as well as stories and visual art. We are highly gratified to be expanding both into other genres of art and into other media, so that we can more fully serve the growing community of Anabaptist readers and writers.

Currently, we are gathering prose, poetry, and art for the magazine. We’d like to encourage all writers and artists to submit to the magazine. Anyone whose work we publish in the Leaf will receive a complimentary copy.

Submissions guidelines

  • All work should be previously unpublished, unless it has appeared only on a personal website. If it has, however, please let us know.
  • Poetry—We will never discourage short poems, but we are also interested in longer poetry than we’ve published on the Curator, provided that the poems remain focused throughout. If we do not accept a poem for the Leaf, we will put it under consideration for the Curator’s weekly poems, unless the author requests otherwise.
  • Stories—We are looking both for fiction and for creative nonfiction. Stories should be shorter than 8,000 words, though we may make exceptions in exceptional cases. If we don’t have space for a story in this issue, we will consider it for future issues, unless the author requests otherwise.
  • Visual art—We plan to print in color. Drawings, photography, and other art forms are welcome.

Send all submissions to info@thecuratorblog.org with the heading “Leaf Magazine Submission,” preferably by June 1st, 2019. Include your name, a mailing address, and a one-sentence description of yourself. If you wish to send a physical copy, send it to the following address. Include your email address or phone number and your mailing address. If you want your submission back in case we don’t publish it, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The Curator: Leaf Magazine
11608 Greencastle Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740

We look forward to seeing your work—tell your friends about the magazine and encourage them to send us their work as well!

The Leaf editors