One blade of grass.
One stem,
one leaf.

If this were all we had,
what sacred awe—
what pure delight
would dance about this marvel!
How we would sit, enthralled,
around such excellence,
and dare ourselves to touch
the mystery of green!
The naked purity of line,
the shimmering symmetry,
the image of the sheerest fact—
Divine simplicity.

Not one, but a field—
that spills into a world.
Not one, but a world—
that reels, and overflows!

How shall we walk among such wealth?
Shall we tiptoe through this treasure?
If abundance swallows rareness,
shall it swallow wonder?

Climb a stem, and leap
from folded leaf to leaf unfurled,
Run down blowing sweeps of field,
And revel, dancing, through the world!

Divine abundance, see?
Extravagant simplicity.

portrait on brickMr. Martin loves words for their ability to create deeper awareness and experience of life through connection between minds and hearts.

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