The Road from Sinjar, 9:15 AM

by Kenneth Godoy

My mind is broken like the granite mountains.
And they are fractured and fissured,
Shattered to a myriad shards of glass and stone.

Broken is a beautiful word.
Beautiful is a broken word.

But dripping through the fingers of these pinnacles,
And seeping up from the damp shadowed earth beneath the rubble;
Like poetry spilling from the lips of bards,
Like mercy raining from dusty forgotten clouds:
There, pooling in the plains
Is an ocean,
Is a purple sea.

Some words from the poet:

This poem is about a moment of humility, written with the impression of the broken mountains reflecting my pride. The phrase, “broken is a beautiful word; beautiful is a broken word,” transfers the thought from the mountains of pride to the resolution of peace and humility found on the plain.

kennyOf his writing, Kenneth Godoy says, “Poetry is bound to my soul.”

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