So this is my river in the darkness.
I cannot explain my faith. I do not see
with your eyes. You do not speak with my tongue.
My soul lives in a void yet I am drawn to you,
we share the space between us.
We are mutually human, mutually born and breathing.
Empathy is to see with light that surrounds us,
to see one another, to gaze and to weep.

Yet what is this darkness that dims my eyes?
What is the pain I cannot deny?

I believe that faith is like a spring of waters
that flows to the bourne, and the
bournes lead to rivers, and rivers
lead to the sea. Each one is its own
yet greater, more united than before.
My faith is like this river in the darkness
and whether I am bourne or spring, river or sea,
it matters not for I am all of these,
My faith flows from one to the other,
lost in many waters

yet found in them, through them.
The darkness is trivial then.
My pain is transient, perhaps.
For yet the river flows black, deep and still.

kennyOf his writing, Kenneth Godoy says, “Poetry is bound to my soul.”

Photography by Kenneth Godoy.

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