My mother-heart is bleeding dry
but beating still. Pounding on a silent door.
The knocking makes no noise. No sounding
echo through my still, retreating
soul. Like noiseless waves, my wounded heart
ebbs back to sea once more.

My hopeful womb is stunned with grief,
shielded though it was by fear
shattered, my timid dreams
helpless, my tear
Cruel life! I only wanted love, not pain
like this! I wanted pain that mattered

But nothing matters now, I think
I’m numb. But if I cease to swim, I’ll sink
so come, sit quietly with me
and weep. Look not at me with pity,
just help me look my sorrow in the eye
and let my Father give the answer why.

IMG_1638 (2) Daniel Hess is a disciple of Jesus, husband of Laura, and father of four who likes discovering the ordinary.

Photography by Kenneth Godoy

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