I See Your Face

Lynn Michael Martin

I see your face in every face I see,
for when you left me, you left me no more
than hopes unsure, that when these glimpses flee,
they will not leave my yearning senses poor
beyond all remedy. Still, though they let
all specters fade; though my fair dreams they mar—
still, you are pure, and I shall see you yet;
over this darkness I shall see a star.
For hope is not a virtue, nor a trait
taught or imputed like some righteousness—
Hope is the world entire of those who wait,
and, seeing beauty, settle not for less.
I see the night; I see your glory fade,
but I recall you when the world was made.

Lynn Martin hopes that his poetry can connect with others who struggle with the tension between a glorious hope and a self-interested realism—and who find it hard to be content with the complex and muddy life that usually results.

Videography by James Weaver

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