About us

The Curator is a platform for sharing the literary work of contemporary Anabaptist writers. We publish artists from any tradition, but the values we hope to share are informed by our own experience in the particular cultural and faith traditions from which our artwork arises.

In recent years, there has been a rekindling of interest, within various Anabaptist communities, in reading and creating art. As writers and artists who value this contemporary renaissance, we wish to provide a medium for it. We believe that art thrives best within community, as various individuals receive the blessing of learning from the joy and insight of others.

Language and art are divine gifts, speaking out of the past and continually made new in every lived experience. We learn through and are inspired by the praises of psalms, the lamentations of prophets, and the ordinary experiences of particular lives.

The editorial team at the Curator is made up of authors and readers who attempt to find and showcase the best unpublished poetry with the values we share. By our work, we hope to encourage a culture that recognizes quality and strives to create things of value. Besides poetry, we are interested in other genres as well, especially short fiction, visual art, and literary criticism. If you write, we would love to see your work!

We are completely staffed by volunteers who spend many hours working on the Curator because of our love for Anabaptism and for literature. Please consider supporting us on Patreon or making a donation.

Our work

  • Our weekly poetry emails are intended to encourage the reading and writing poetry. We hope to publish new writers and to spread an awareness of the value of poetry. Our postcards are an outgrowth of this.
  • Our monthly poetry readings are a space for those who enjoy poetry to gather to read and discuss things that have spoken to them.
  • Our print magazine, planned to debut this summer, will bring together some of the best of poetry, prose, and art created by Anabaptists today.
  • Our literature camp this summer will be a place to build connections between writers and readers of literature, to encourage writers who often don’t get enough encouragement in their communities, and to provide all of us with an opportunity to hone our understanding of literature.
  • Our blog facilitates a dialogue on the meaning and value of literature, especially as it can bring us a knowledge of God.

Join us in spreading the Heavenly Kingdom in the arts!

Submissions guidelines

We accept submissions both for the Curator weekly poems and blog and for the Leaf Magazine. Please send Curator submissions (poems or essays) to info@thecuratorblog.org. Attach a profile picture and include a one-sentence description of yourself. If you wish, you may also include a short paragraph giving some background for a poem. We also encourage submissions of poems, stories, and visual art to the Leaf Magazine; you can read the instructions here.

We accept multiple submissions and do not require exclusive rights for any period of time. Currently the only right we require for work that we publish is the right to publish it on our website and in other types of media should we decide to do so. For poems and fiction, we will choose photos to go with poetry and fiction that we publish, but if the writer has a picture that goes with the work, we will consider it.

Poems and other works of art are accepted based on their depth and quality of composition, and always at the discretion of the editors. We are less interested in inspirational verse or aimless ramblings, but rather in poetry with which a reader can engage in thought, and which speaks not to the mind but to the heart. But our primary interest is to publish worthwhile poetry, and if you aren’t sure whether your writing fits our expectations, please submit it anyway! Similar qualifications apply to fiction and visual art.

We are committed to helping writers and artists to improve their craft and to publish their work. Thus if we don’t publish your work, we will provide you with feedback about our decision.

Contact us

You can contact us via email or follow us on Facebook, or sign up for our weekly emails.


Managing Editor: Lynn Michael Martin

Lynn Martin lives, writes, and sings in Hagerstown, MD. Occasionally he thinks, as well, and he has come to the belief that the arts can help us to remake the world in the image of God. He is especially interested in literature and early music, and he spends much time with J.S. Bach and George MacDonald. He began his studies at Hagerstown Community College, where he edited the Hedge Apple Magazine as a student editor. Currently, he studies at the University of Maryland, majoring in English and philosophy.

In his poetry, Lynn is currently exploring a lyrical style for which he derives inspiration from Yeats’s early work. He is also fascinated by George MacDonald’s use of the fantastic to convey truths that are buried deeply in the human person. Lynn’s poetry has appeared in publications such as the Society of Classical Poets, the Journal of Inventive Literature, and the Penwood Review.

Blog Editor: Conrad Martin

Conrad Martin has not planned his life, but an order emerges. He finished 10th grade in the deserts of New Mexico, and in those deserts knew that he would write poetry and be a philosopher. Or philosophize and be a poet—he often can’t tell which. He then taught wild children in Honduras and California, stopped for a few years to design some machines (during which time he fell in with a band of fresh young emailing poets who developed him more than he can think), then journeyed to a wooded spot in northwest Pennsylvania, where Faith Builders builds, and in those two years of college he knew he would go further and find the people who would tell him the things, so he does not have to come up with them on his own, because that is much slower. But in some ways it may be better, perhaps, because when one has all one’s own . . . He begins two more years at Messiah College the fall of 2019, majoring in philosophy, with wistful glances at the English department. He has not planned further.