Obi Martin: Morning Poem

Raise me free like summer breezes
wrenched from off the lawn.
Lift me like evaporation
break me like the dawn.

Wick me with your wind strokes,
daylight feathers dust my day.
Stream me with your sunshine;
braze me with your ray.

Paint me torrid like the morning,
bristling brilliant on the rise.
Beat me with your wingspan;
brush me broad across the skies.

Obi_ProfileMr. Martin’s values of vitality and expression inform and influence his interests and use of language and literature.

Julie Atkinson: Fern Poem

In these forests,
the fern fields
flow onward in green waves.
You step carefully,
not knowing what is hidden
beneath the fronds.
Vines grab your ankles
wrapping around to keep you here.
I will most likely not struggle
to free myself,
but will, firmly held by the green,
grow roots.

20160309_175723Miss Atkinson is a wanderer, who likes quiet green things, and silent forests carpeted with moss. The inspiration for “Fern Poem” was born in such a forest.

Gloria Kurtz: A Child of Wonder

A Child of Wonder

by Gloria Kurtz

A child of wonder, here I stand, my Lord,
Inside a pink-rimmed dawning sky of light.
Assign my feet an unfamiliar way,
Not gratifying to my coddled sight.
My goal, I pray, be high. Unreachable,
Except by faith beyond the height of sky.
The sinew of conviction; sustenance
In sweetness of a purple clover, smally by.
Pour burning light and blinding heat on me,
Until my crying thirst cries out to You
For peace, and I drink deeply depth of trust,
Be caught and drowned in all that’s true.
At evening, may my wearied strength long spent
Ascend to meet the evening moonrise song—
An altar sacrifice of gratitude
To Him with whom I’ve journeyed this day long.
For here I stand, a child of wonder, stars
Exploding tiny lights of joy. And why
I’m shocked by love inside this mystic night?
By who nor what I am, but Whose am I.

IMG_0621 (2)

Miss Kurtz finds joy expressed best in teaching first and second grade, and delights in writing the poetry of life found cupped in the beauty of her Upstate NY home.