Submissions Guidelines

The Curator publishes poetry, prose, essays, and visual art. Poems will be published as Curator weekly poems or in the Leaf. If we do not accept a poem for the Leaf, we will put it under consideration for the Curator’s weekly poems, unless the author requests otherwise. We tend to print longer works in the Leaf than on the Curator. Essays are published on the Curator weekly blog. Prose and artwork are only published in the Leaf.

General Guidelines: All work should be previously unpublished, unless it has appeared only on a personal website. If it has, please let us know. We accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. We require first rights for publishing work on our website or magazine, as well as the right to publish in other types of media should we decide to do so. We choose photos and art to go with the creative and expository work that we publish.

Submissions should be emailed to with the subject “Weekly Poem Submission,” “Essay Submission,” or “Leaf Submission” as applies. Attach a profile picture and include a one-sentence description of yourself.

Leaf Magazine: For Leaf submissions, include your mailing address. If you wish, you may also include a short paragraph giving some background for the inspiration of your creative piece.  Leaf submissions are accepted year-round, but our deadline for the 2021 Leaf is March 31st, 2021. If you wish to send a physical copy of a submission, send it to the following address. Include your email address or phone number and your mailing address. If you want your submission back in case we don’t publish it, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The Curator: Leaf Magazine 11608 Greencastle Pike Hagerstown, MD 21740

Poetry submissions: Poems are accepted based on their depth and quality of composition, and always at the discretion of the editors. We tend to publish poetry that isn’t trying to be something else—like a devotional, a theological opinion, or a list of God’s attributes. We would be glad to publish more religious poetry and more rhymed and bound poetry, but so often what we receive is unoriginal or not particularly poetic. Instead, poems should display poetic devices such as metaphor and imagery, and show the reader something fresh, deep, or delightful. But we enjoy a broad range of poetry, so if you’re unsure whether your poem fits us, please send it anyway!

Prose submissions: We accept both fiction and creative nonfiction. Stories should be shorter than 8,000 words, though we may make exceptions in exceptional cases.

Essay submissions: We accept essays that have to do with literature: close readings of poetry, book reviews, opinions on literature, etc. are all welcome. We will also certainly consider essays that do not fall under these categories.

Visual art submissions: We print in color. Drawings, photography, and other art forms are welcome.

We are committed to helping writers and artists improve their craft and to publish their work. Thus if we don’t publish your work, we will provide you with feedback about our decision.