We accept multiple submissions and do not require first rights, which means that we will publish already published work, as long as the author still has the rights to it. For poems that haven’t been previously published, we do not require exclusive rights for any period of time. Currently the only right we require for poems that we publish is the right to publish it on our website and in other types of media should we decide to do so. We will choose photos to go with poems that we publish, but if the poet has a picture that goes with the poem, that is fine as well.

Poems are accepted based on their depth and quality of composition, always at the discretion of the editors. We are less interested in inspirational verse or aimless ramblings, but rather in poetry which a reader can engage in thought with, and which speaks not to the mind but to the heart. But our primary interest is to publish worthwhile poetry, and if you aren’t sure whether you’re writing fits our expectations, please submit it anyway!

We are committed to helping poets improve their craft and to publish their work. Thus if we don’t publish your poem, we will provide you with feedback about our decision.

Please send submissions to Thank you for your work!